Showers and world records! The 10 days of LMAB 2015 were full of different feelings. After two days of thunderstorms, wind and heavy rain in Chambley, the 'Great Line' was announced to break the world record from 2013. At best weather conditions 433 hot air balloons were raising up in the sky to create an incredible view over the French landscape. Unfortunately this big moment was the first and last start up to Thursday. Again a lot of rain and storm prevent any flights. After a fantastic Night Glow on Wednesday the weather god was really generous and gave us blue skies for the rest of the week. Only one flight was canceled due to strong winds. Over 30 special shapes took part at this unforgettable week. Some of the highlights were the George White Superbike, Aerobelix,  Arky and the great Château Balleroy.

Sunday, 26th July

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