Warstein was a great festival for all Special Shape adorers. Five of them joined Warstein for the first time: Vincent van Gogh (PH-GOG), a red football (OE-RNF) and three really old ones, Maxwell can (G-BVBJ, built in 1993), Gutfried-balloon (D-OLAR, 1989) and our colourful Swatch "Kathrin" (HB-BHA, 1985). This 30-year old lady was the oldest special shape ever, which took part at WIM.

After four days full of wind and rain, the first start was timed at Tuesday with the last clouds of the week. The only nightglow was held on Wednesday, rest of them were cancelled due to rain and strong winds in the evening. Next morning the Airport Paderborn/Lippstadt opened its gates for a beautiful morning launch. Until Saturday evening there was no more rain, so the last planned starts were allowed. A very rare occurence were the lots of different flight directions this week, like Arnsberg or Möhnesee. All in all it was a fantastic event with a tumultuous start and a beautiful ending.

Tuesday, 8th September

Wednesday, 9th September

Thursday, 10th September

Friday, 11th September

Saturday, 12th September